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Globalsion Asset Tracking Lite

Globalsion Asset Tracking Lite is a small but complete asset tracking solution that meets your business need. It is developed with latest Microsoft Technology and running on SQL database. The system is design to helps your organization to track and manage company wide valuable assets like office equipment, IT assets, furniture, tools and jigs and etc.

 The system allows you to:

        Record important information like asset profile, date of purchase, purchase price, product warranty information, purchase order no, asset location, asset owner, supplier invoice and others.

       Generating asset barcode label

       Generating asset listing by asset group, asset type, department and location

       Generating monthly asset purchasing report and etc.


Asset Management 


Modules and Functions

-    Master file maintenance


-       Asset group, Asset type

-       Asset profile registration

-       Asset purchase information maintenance

-       Asset location maintenance

-       Asset barcode label generating

-       Employee, vendor, location maintenance 

-       Reporting

o   Asset listing

o   Asset listing by location

o   Asset purchase information

o   Asset listing by group and type

o   New purchase asset listing

o   Vendor listing

o   Employee listing

o   Asset status listing

               o   others

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